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Clean organic skincare

I’ve been looking for a partner brand to support the Neal’s Yard Remedies range in our store for a while now. In particular I wanted a fully vegan range that delivered high quality together with good value.

I then discovered it’s really not easy when you have set yourself strict rules about natural ingredients, sustainability and effectiveness, but then that’s my job! I eventually settled on Nourish London; high-quality organic, vegan skincare, made here in the UK.

Dr. Pauline Hili who founded Nourish is a biochemist with a long track record of developing award-winning natural products. I’ve known Pauline for some time, and have always been really impressed with her genuine passion for clean skincare.

I speak to so many people with problematic or difficult skin who are rightly wary about what they put on it and frustrated with number of products they’ve bought that haven’t worked. I’ve always believed that ‘healthy skin is beautiful skin’; skin that is in good health has a strong natural barrier and a well balanced lipid layer will naturally glow. Pauline’s philosophy of Repair, Resilience and Radiance chimes perfectly with this. I was so excited that I knew I wanted to stock her products immediately!

The Nourish anti-ageing range
The Nourish anti-ageing range

There is a range for all skin types. So which is right for you?

Radiance: Ideal for dehydrated and normal skin types, this collection boasts radiance-boosting bio-actives that illuminate the skin.

Balance: Targetting oily and combination skin, this range harnesses the power of blemish-battling Niacinamide to minimise pores without compromising your skin's healthy glow.

Protect: This is for you if your complexion leans towards the drier side. Restore moisture levels with a potent mix of antioxidant Vitamin C, Phytoactive soya, and Rosehip Seed Oils for optimal skin nutrition.

Relax: For sensitive skin, the Relax range offers gentle and soothing care infused with Lavender and essential omega oils. Achieve natural protection against stress and oxidative factors, complemented by super-hydrating hyaluronic acid.

Anti-Ageing: Our Anti-Ageing range features 12 products to help you achieve the ultimate collagen-boosting skincare regime. The powerful anti-ageing serum is already creating a buzz for its effective collagen-restoring properties.

Because we love the products so much, we’ve added shower gels and body creams in lovely Bergamot & Cardamom and Geranium & Jasmine scents, and a great muscle soothing bath and shower gel with added magnesium which is already a bestseller.

If you’re looking for clean and organic skincare products that are great value, you must check out the Nourish range!

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