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Is INIKA Organic the healthiest make-up you can buy?

We’ve spent ages looking for a cosmetics partner who can meet our belief and commitment to the best of organic ingredients for our skin care and inner health, our ethical standards and still deliver a fantastically effective product with no compromises.

We’re thrilled to have teamed up with Inika Organic, who we believe have the highest level of natural & organic certifications available. Just to give you an idea…NO alcohol, NO silicone, NO Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride. No Petrochemicals or synthetic mineral oils. No ingredients from animal origin, meaning this is a truly vegan make up brand. NOTHING is tested on animals in any part of the manufacturing process.

What's in the products?

A key part of the Inika philosophy is to benefit your skin as well as helping you look great. To do this, nourishing certified organic actives that are proven to be truly healthy for the skin are incorporated into the product.

A few examples; carefully chosen elements such as Rose of Jericho is added to improve skin density and hydration. Grape Seed Extract boosts collagen production and neutralises those unavoidable damaging free radicals. Caviar lime is an extravagance which gently exfoliates and removes dead skin, to consistently help brighten your complexion. Finally, Peruvian Ginseng is Vitamin C rich.

The range

Inika is designed for those who want a natural beauty look, and there is a full range of colour and accessories, from foundations in both powders and liquids, concealers, lip and eye products and even a Tanning Mist.

Our whole team (well, not the boys) have been trying the products before launch and the response has been unanimously positive. But you mustn't take our word for it; do come and try the products for yourself. We have testers for every product and any of our assistants can help advise you on what colours suit or are best for your complexion so you can buy with confidence.

So, when are you coming to see us for your FREE foundation colour match?

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