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Ayurveda - or the 'Science of Life' maintains or restores health from the perspective of the person, not the disease.  Using the preventative and curative benefits of food, herbs, movement, treatments and lifestyle changes, it empowers you to take control over your health and happiness without any harmful side effects.

We offer a range of Ayurvedic massage techniques and also Wellness planning consultations.

Hand Massage


Full body massage

Full body massage (marma abhyanga) is a tailored holistic treatment using warm medicated oils specific for the individual's constitution. The body's energy flow is re-balanced by activating the body-wide system of marma points (key junctions of the body). Deeply relaxing, detoxifying and tissue nourishing, this treatment improves circulation, strengthens organs, rejuvenates, and aids self-healing.

Head and face massage

Marma point massage for the head (shirobhyanga) and the face (mukabhyanga). Warm medicated oils are chosen to balance the individual or to address specific ailments. Vital points on the scalp, neck, shoulders and face are activated to increase energy, blood and lymph flow. Working with these two complimentary areas the treatment is effective at reducing stress and anxiety, aiding head and shoulder pain and deeply nourishing the scalp and hair. Convenient for clients who prefer to remain clothed.

Head and foot massage

Head (shirobhyanga) and foot (padabhyanga) marma therapy massages are a perfect combination for addressing stress, tension and their associated effects within the body and mind. A general well being tonic and especially useful for those in standing jobs, post flight and mums to be.

Detoxifying body scrub and massage

A detoxifying and exfoliation treatment (urdvatana) followed by medicated oil massage (aghyanga).
A body rub of ground Ayurvedic herbs draws out impurities and reduces water retention. The natural herbs leave the skin glowing. This is followed by a warm oil body massage tailored for the individual that gently stimulates muscles, increases circulation, helps with cellulite, may aid weight loss and is a cleansing and relaxing treatment.

Detoxifying body scrub and herb compress massage

A detoxification and exfoliating treatment followed by a massage with herb compress packs.
A body rub of ground Ayurvedic herbs draws out impurities and reduces water retention. The natural herbs leave the skin glowing. This is followed by an invigorating massage with a herb compress dipped in oils specific to the individual or ailment. This pummelling massage nourishes tissues and can strengthen and rejuvenate overworked and sore muscles, aid weak joints, reduce inflammation and help with stubborn areas of excess fat, a help in aiding weight loss.

Rebalance massage

A deeply relaxing tretament that combines balancing organic oils with a hands on swedish massage incorporating warm Himalayan stones. Meridian points are gently stimulated to rebalance the system and leave you feeling relaxed yet uplifted.
The Himalayan stones are from an ethical supplier called Staltability* they remineralise the skin with 86 different minerals and lightly exfoliate leaving your skin soft and smooth.


To deal successfully with the inevitability of change requires energy, resilience and vitality.

Making a wellness plan is a sound investment for navigating life's changes, whether that be for a current issue or as a preventative measure.

Wellness consultations consist of an in-depth assessment including the traditional techniques of pulse and tongue diagnostics.  From these insights an individualised treatment plan is devised.

Each plan honours Ayurveda's holistic approach and addresses amongst other things toxicity, low digestive abilities, hormonal imbalance and low energy, helping you to reconnect with your body's ability for self-healing.

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