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Natural Home Fragrance - The Petits Rituels story.

I was introduced to Petits Rituels by one of my team, Tori. She was waxing lyrical (no pun intended!) about the candles, with the By The Fire one being her favourite. I was intrigued and decided to find out more.

It was a joy to meet Natalie and to find that we have many values in common. Natalie has always harboured a passion for natural products, which grew when she discovered the wonders of botanical ingredients, especially essential oils and their powerful properties.   (She used to make floral water as a child with her grandmother in the kitchen using roses freshly picked from her garden in Brittany).

Natalie is a true artisan. She is so creative, skilled and passionate about what she does. I have realised that she doesn’t just create with her hands but also with her head, heart and soul. She insists on using only the highest quality ingredients because she is always on a quest to make the perfect product.

Natalie and I also share a philosophy that connecting with nature helps to bring balance and harmony. The world we live in is unbelievably fast paced and chaotic and sometimes we forget how to slow down and allow calm and restfulness to envelope us.

There is something altogether satisfying about lighting and burning an all-natural candle. It is ritual that serves as a reminder to relax and unwind, to take time to reflect and look after ourselves. It’s a way of using carefully crafted fragrances to bring joy and harmony to our lives.

Reeds, candles, or both?

I am often asked ‘which is better - candle or diffuser?’ The answer is… depends! Nathalie’s expert view is "If you prefer a continuous, crisp fragrance to scent a space a reed diffuser might be the best choice as the process of evaporation tends to result in a less concentrated burst of scent than combustion. For an instant burst of fragrance when you want it, perhaps more subtle, an essential oil candle might be a better fit for you"

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